SunPower was born in the decade of the 70s and since then has been a pioneer in the field of photovoltaic cells and solar panels. Based in the United States, it actually all stemmed from an invention at Stanford University, the all-back contact solar cell, developed in a lab and then becoming the initial idea that led to the creation of the company.

From the 90s onward, SunPower was involved into making some of the most innovative projects to power race cars and planes, setting world records in the following records. 2020 was a particular good year for SunPower, which was ranked number one Commercial direct solar solutions provider in the United States for the third consecutive year. The OneRoof system, a cost-effective solar roofing product, was launched with great success, and the complementary company Maxeon Solar Technologies is finally established.

Overall Ratings

  • Quality: 9
  • Performance: 8.6
  • Warranty and tech support today: 9.2
  • Warranty and tech support long-term: 9
  • Price: 7
  • Value for money: 8.5

Pros and Cons

  • Great warranty, among the best that guarantees high performance and power output levels even after decades.
  • Works perfectly in small spaces in which you have to get the highest power output possible.
  • You buy the quality you get, so the price is understandable but still a bit too high to afford for many who might prefer to look at some more low-cost options.
  • Not very present in markets outside the US or the West, so in Asian countries or Australia, you might not be able to find SunPower solar panels for sale easily.

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Manufacturing Locations

SunPower is a US-based company, however, most of the manufacturing is made in the Philippines and Malaysia, while the majority of the cells are assembled in factories located in Mexico and France.

Different Types Of Solar Panels SunPower Offers

SunPower has developed, throughout years and decades of study and accurate research, four main lines of solar panels, each dedicated to a specific function and application.

  • A-Series. It was the pioneer of the first 400-watt solar panel, the first worldwide, capable of producing immense power in larger solar cells, which use the 5th Maxeon Generation. This means higher efficiency, that is, better capability to convert way more sunlight into electrical power.
  • X-Series. Perfect for both residences and commercial use, it offers 370 watts in the first case and 470 in the latter. Not only the X-Series provides an efficiency of more than 22%, not even close to the more standard solar panels on the market, but the products belonging to this series are 60% more efficient after 20 years. Compared to others, SunPower solar panels produce about 80% more energy after 20+ years.
  • E-Series. If the above series provide a quality and efficiency in many cases unmatched and are the pinnacle of premium innovation, the E-Series is much more modest but (or, perhaps, because of this) the most popular one. A favorite for everyone wanting to buy a solar panel without the need for something extraordinary, just a product which does its job. And you can be sure SunPower definitely does. Available in three versions, the 320, 327, and 435 watts, it delivers about 20% efficiency.
  • P-Series. Finally, the latter is designed specifically for large commercial projects and are able to deliver up to 19%. With several models ranging from 380 and 400 watts, the P-Series uses shingled solar cells and will guarantee high efficiency and performance.

What Makes SunPower Panels Unique?

There are a few features that make SunPower Panels stand out. One of them is the integration of microinverters, built right in your panel so that the energy it produced is automatically converted into the energy your house or building needs to operate correctly /from DC to AC energy). This possibility is only available with the A-series but speaks volumes on the commitment of the company to produce quality social panels. Thanks to it, those solar panels are able to produce more power per square foot than any other.


In SunPower Solar panel reviews, the way we tend to measure performance is through the temperature coefficient. Generally, a solar panel will perform worse in certain meteorological conditions, namely when temperatures are too hot. As a convention, the set temperature is 25 °C: if the temperature goes above that number, then the panel will start losing its efficiency. By how much? That is precisely determined by the temperature coefficient.

Let’s make an example: a SunPower solar panel has, on average, a temperature coefficient of -0.29%. Every time the temperature is one grade over 25, then the panel’s production will drop about 0.29%. As you can see, the drop is minimal and much lower compared to other companies.

SunPower Solar Panels


Solar panel efficiency is the ability of a panel to capture sunlight and turn it into electricity. SunPower solar panel reviews all agree on the fact that the company builds solar panels with a great efficiency rate. While typically, standard panels have an efficiency range of about 14% to 18%, SunPower ones go as high as 22.8% for the top products and at a still very decent percentage of 16.5 when it comes to lower budget panels. Efficiency is one of the most important aspects to keep into consideration when buying a solar panel, and SunPower does a great job at leading the market in that.

SunPower Solar Panels Pricing

Given the premium quality of the products and their high efficiency, SunPower solar panels prices are a bit higher than the rest, but not that much. Usually, pricing ranges from $2.97 to $3.67 per watt, meaning that on average, you would be paying about $17,820 – $22,020 for a standard-sized panel.

The good news is that there are often national or local incentives to help you go through with your purchase, saving you, in some cases, several thousand dollars.


SunPower grants every customer a product warranty lasting 25 years. The warranty is very special and quite different from what we are used to seeing. The SunPower Complete Confidence gives a series of perks such as complete system protection, removal, and installation of part and shipping.

When it comes to power decline, SunPower guaranteed no more than 8% in 25 years, which is a very positive percentage assuring us that the panels will hold perfectly the test of time, much better than other products available on the market coming from top companies.

Are SunPower Panels Right for You?

If you are willing to spend a bit more and get in return a high-quality product, then sure, go ahead! SunPower certainly offers a variety of panels that are perfect if you are looking for efficient, innovative, powerful products protected by a strong warranty. They work great on both houses and business, as they are able to power both easily, even in cases of high consumption.

Nonetheless, in some cases, you might not need such a high performance and prefer to go for something more modest, which is totally understandable. In the end, there are very good solar panels at a relatively low price that will work just as fine for you if you’re not looking for anything extraordinary like the SunPower panels.

Final Advice

Solar panels reviews cannot end without a final comment on the brand and company. SunPower is at the top of its game, producing innovative and groundbreaking panels and technology to provide customers with the best possible products at a decently advantageous price. Go for them if you are looking for the top solar panels available, and especially if you don’t have a very big space on your roof at your disposal and need to maximize as much as possible the solar panel’s production. The warranty is very convenient and guarantees long, durable efficiency and high performance throughout the years. The company is also constantly working to improve and have already launched the Maxeon 2 and 3, so expect SunPower reviews on that.

However, because it is regarded as one of the world’s leading manufacturers, especially thanks to the Maxeon technology, which won the award as most efficient solar panel with the lowest degradation, it’s clear that the price is a bit higher, especially with regards to this new designs. Regardless, while in Asia the company might not be as popular, SunPower holds a significant presence in the US and Western market and will most probably continue to do so in the following years.

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